Dating Women Advice – Be a CHALLENGE

We had a caller to our dating women radio show last week who had 13 dates with a woman that he was not committed to yet.

She asked him if he was seeing other women. He said, “yes, a couple others.” หี


Yes, we do want her to think, before she is our girlfriend, that we are dating other women.

Women like to compete with each other and she wants to knock her competition out of the box as she competes for your affection.

If you do not believe that, remember that most women say they want a “nice guy” but they how many times have you heard a guy complain “she says she wants a nice guy BUT she always goes for the jerk!”

It is not that women want jerks, but they do want a CHALLENGE. They want to wonder about a guy and what he is up to. They want to be the one to bring down the object of their affections and they want to work for it.

Of course, I refer to a woman that is clinically sane, flexible, a giver and has integrity/loyalty. If a woman is structured or hard headed, she does not like a challenge and do you really want that type anyway?

Back to our caller. It was not wrong of him to indicate he was dating other women but he should not have given her a direct answer. He should have just smiled and said a ridiculous number like “500 but I am trying to cut down.”

That way she gets the idea she is not the only one but he is not insulting her by giving out the real number. It is more of a side shot instead of a direct answer. We tell guys on our dating women radio show all the time that you are like an international spy that no one can get a true read on.

If she is really into him, she will ask to be his girlfriend, which is where we want to be. Yes, we want her to ask us to be the girlfriend (and the wife for that matter).