How to Draw Easy Cartoons – Simple Techniques to Learn Drawing

Although there are people who are born with a talent in drawing without even learning some steps and methods, you can however learn how to draw easy cartoons with the aid of a few resources that will teach you easy drawing.

If you are interested in learning how to draw easy cartoons, you can actually find a number of techniques to draw one. You can even draw cartoons with sticks or with just straight lines. You can also make cartoons with just the basic shape. Whether you want to use your cartoons as a visual aid in school or you want to draw cartoons for profit, even stick cartoons can be appealing for as long as you have a good character out of your cartoons.

Drawing with Sticks and Straight Line 4anime

One of the very easy way on how to draw easy cartoons is to use straight lines and a few circles. We all probably know how to draw stick figures but we can still enhance it by adding movements as well as creating an appealing character.

If you want to start with stick figures as your first steps towards drawing, you can use an oval shape for the head. Of course, an oval is just an imperfect circle, so you don’t have to bother making it as perfectly done as possible. You can then make use of sticks or straight lines for the body, the arms and the legs.

Aside from the oval and stick, you can also add more accessories to your cartoons. You add a signature hair, dress or some other features that will make your cartoon stand out.

Although stick figures is an easy method on how to draw easy cartoons, you have to also keep in mind that there are also other considerations that you have to make. Proportion and balance are among them. Especially when you start making your stick figures to appear moving – running, walking, jumping or just any other activity you want it to be, make sure that you have a well-balanced and proportionate stick figure as well

Drawing with Ovals

Aside from sticks and straight lines, you can also draw using ovals. You can use it for the face, the arms, the legs as well as the body and you get a good cartoon that you can show your kids or your students, or as a good start to create you cartoon character and start making profit in drawing cartoons.