Poker Cheats in Online Poker: What You Need to Know

Did you know that online poker players cheat and this is likely the reason you are getting poor beats? This article will reveal the secrets of how poker sites try to stop cheating and what it does for the real game of poker.

Poker is a competitive sport and players should be honest and open about their poker games. This is what’s happening online. Players are using sophisticated software like HUDs, poker tracking, and table rating software to see how you play and what your style is. Online players can also use these types of software to communicate with friends, share hand histories and play poker hands via instant messenger or other media. bandarqq

What can poker sites such as Full Tilt and PokerStars (among other) do to stop the subversive behavior of unscrupulous players at their tables?

Two things:

1. The use of poker tracking software has been banned by all major poker sites

This is done by simply using special code to detect which apps are being used while you play on their website. They will use permissions on your computer’s registry to detect if you are using banned software programs. If you continue, they will send you an email warning you.

But is this enough? But what about software they aren’t able to detect? What about cheaters who use IM to communicate with each other while sitting at the same tables? What can they do to prevent this from happening?

This brings us to the second part of this article about how poker sites stop illegal gambling.

2. Poker sites employ special algorithms to prevent cheating and colluding. These algorithms can be used together with the RNG to make certain decisions about your poker hands. Sometimes they’re the result of bad beats. How is this possible? It’s simple, the poker algorithms that are supposed to detect cheating, prevent collusion and stop illegal play are also the ones that can cause bad beats. These poker algorithms may be recognized by some and they could be used to increase your chances of winning.

A poker site cannot monitor every player, table, or hand individually so they have developed and implemented short algorithms that detect cheating behavior. If they detected you cheating, those algorithms would activate and cause your loss.

Even if you are not cheating!

Although it sounds unfair, poker sites must protect their integrity. While they may claim to be innocent until proven guilty, you need to learn how poker algorithms work and how to spot them so you can use them to your advantage.

What can you do?

Learn more about the poker algorithm and how it affects online poker play. This knowledge will help you avoid losing, to make better decisions, and to find ways to win more often.