Realme GT Master Edition: A Closer Look at the Performance and Design


Realme has just added another new model to its already overflowing portfolio, this time a new Master Edition (ME) phone for its growing prepaid market segment. The brand has just launched two phones so far – the Realme GT Plus and the Master Edition (ME). While the earlier names may suggest a high end model and the latter one is a low cost version, it is actually exactly the opposite. This is because the Realme Plus is priced higher than the brand’s other models so it caters to a specific segment of the population that prefers a higher price and more features. realme gt master edition

So what makes the Realme GT Master Edition different from the rest of its siblings? For one thing, it comes with a powerful chipset and includes some top notch hardware like the MediaTek MT4 processors. It also has the RealSense technology, which allows the phone to recognize your fingerprint as soon as you put your finger on the touch sensitive screen. The RealSense technology is also present in the Realme GT Plus, and it is said to offer a higher level of personalization since it uses your own finger as the sensor for the navigation bar.

However, the real reason why this handset has become a favorite among users thanks to its impressive camera capabilities. With a resolution of 7 megapixels, the camera on the Realme GT Plus is surprisingly good when it comes to taking high-resolution shots. The reason why the pictures come out so crisp and clear is because of the oversampling method the device uses for the photos. When you take several pictures at different distances and then merge them together, the resulting photo will be taken with fewer defects. In fact, even professional photographers will have a tough time editing the images taken with this phone.

You can also expect great audio quality from the Realme GT Plus or the Realme GT Master Edition smartphones thanks to Audience SDK. The Audience SDK provides application developers with the capability to control interactive features of smartphones like pausing, replaying and sharing videos and games with other devices. Another remarkable feature present in the Realme smartphones is the ability to connect wirelessly to PCs. Thus, users can share their photos, videos and music via Bluetooth on their PCs.

As we all know, Windows Mobile has been a very successful smartphone OS from Microsoft. The Realme GT Master Edition features the same operating system as the popular Windows Mobile platform. Despite its great features however, there are only a few smartphones that meet the high expectations of Realme users. The reason why this handset does not become more popular is because of its lack of high-end specification compared to other smartphone phones in the market. In fact, the Realme GT Plus only comes with a 1.5-inch screen which is just smaller than the screen of the iPhone 4S. The low-cost smartphone doesn’t come with many high-end features including cameras, mp3 support and flash.

Even though the Realme GT Plus is already experiencing some issues due to the low-end hardware power, it still offers excellent performance. This is because it comes with a quad-core processor, clocked at a Adreno rating of 2504. However, the real problem lies in the lack of memory and storage space. Users are reporting poor picture quality and slow upload and download speeds. The Realme GT Master Edition smartphone is also said to be compatible with the RealmeGRP8A8VRU6 multimode earphone. Users are also reporting poor quality video and music playback, but the battery life of the Realme GT Plus seems to be the biggest culprit.