Vivo V21 Smartphones – The Best Selfie Camera Phone


Equipped with good specifications and impressive features, the new Vivo V21 is an ideal budget friendly option which is easily accessible at a price of Rs 28,900. The phone provides a standard slip-free surface and is comfortable to hold. Further, it has excellent music and video features. The Vivo also offers a huge storage capacity with more than 5GB free and a memory card slot with expandable storage capacities up to 2GB. vivo v21

One of the major advantages of this smartphone is its slide-out keyboard which enables easy operation. The physical keyboard of the device is very small in size and hence, users can access many features of the handset without even pressing the screen. The keyboard of the vivo v 21 also offers the facility of gesture control along with the virtual keyboard function. Some of the key features of this smartphone which make it stand out are the following.

Rear imaging is a specialty of this device with the rear camera having an optical zoom and f/2.0 aperture. The smartphone has a front camera which can be used for video recording purposes. It has a complete kit with the Android operating system, namely the Android OS, Kit Kat, ROM, GSM/GPRS Pro, USB drive, etc. The vivo 21 also comes with a rich selection of music services including MMS and HD Voice. There are also some high end video recording features like 4K Ultra HD Video.

The other highlight of the vivo v 21 is its ability to streamline the connectivity procedure through the ayurvedic dual SIM cards which enable connectivity of the microSD card and the camera simultaneously. The ayurvedic dual SIM cards can be used in any of the three major networks which include the Anma International, Vodafone and T-Mobile. The connectivity options have been further enhanced by the inclusion of OAA bands with Sony Ericsson Mobile Network. The connectivity options and the camera allow for the taking of high quality selfies with the quality of clarity that cannot be obtained with the ordinary smartphone.

Another feature of the Vivo V21 which is in the form of an auto-focus enable is the front camera which is used to capture the image. This is similar to that of the iPhone in the manner that the photo is captured using the front camera and then sent to the Apple iPhone for editing. The problem is that in many instances the photos which are taken using the OIS Night selfies do not come out looking very good. The reason being the poor quality of the photos captured using the OIS Night selfies. Hence if you are looking for a device that is capable of producing high quality front camera selfies then the Vivo V21 really is the right device for you.

In addition to the front facing camera the Vivo V21 also features a rear camera which is 8.0 megapixels in resolution. This enables it to record videos and images in high definition. In the event that you want to get the best results from the videos and images then you need to select the HTC Desire HD 8X while recording videos and images. In the event that you wish to take excellent pictures then the OIS night mode which is enabled in the vivo v 21 smartphone is the right choice for you. The OIS night mode helps in the capture of photographs and videos with the assistance of its infrared LED technology.

In the event that you want to go in for the most powerful smartphone then you need to take a look at the Samsung Odyssey S which offers you various features including the camera and the video capturing features. It has the ability to record videos and images in High Definition and also has the capacity to shoot videos and images in Slow motion mode. The Odyssey S can shoot in the same frame rate whether the person is in motion or not. It is the perfect companion when you want to transfer videos and photos from your smartphone to your PC. In order to obtain the desired results out of the camera the Samsung Odyssey S is advisable that you utilize the Selfie mode which enables the use of the rear camera as well as the front camera.

The OISE camera of the vivo v 21 comes with a 16 mega pixel camera which is sufficient for the purpose. You can use the HTC Desire HD 8X to capture the photos and videos. The HTC vivo V 21 selfies can be taken by simply pressing on the Record button. Apart from this, the handset also offers you the facilities of Windows Phone emulators so that you can use the Windows Phone 7 operating system. To conclude, the OISE plus with the htc desirehd can make your device very useful to you.